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Coverage for Services

Concussion Therapy

A Doctor's referral is not required for physiotherapy

We offer direct billing to many Health Plans, saving you time and money

Effective treatment for injuries such as whiplash. A doctor’s referral is not required and treatment may begin immediately.   

Physiotherapy can be effective in treating a variety of conditions which occur throughout the lifespan.  Physiotherapy continues to become increasingly common given that the senior portion of our population in Guelph is growing.

Senior Discount

Find us at 2 Locations in Guelph

Auto Insurance Claims

Shockwave Therapy - effective treatment for chronic pain

Shockwave Therapy

Acupuncture / IMS

Massage Therapy


Foot Orthotics

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A Registered Physiotherapist is available to answer any questions and advise if physiotherapy is appropriate for your problem

Early morning, day and evening appointments are available at both locations 

Why Choose Our Clinics

Experienced Physiotherapists:   Our rehab staff are experts in assessing your injury and we provide clinically proven treatment methods 

Treatment always provided by a Registered Physiotherapist:  Your therapy sessions will be one-on-one with a physiotherapist 

Your successful recovery is our primary focus:   From the moment you first contact our clinic, your experience with us is our top concern 




Sport Rehab