Custom Knee Bracing

Bracing custom fit for your needs

Effective custom bracing requires experienced professionals to understand what brace is needed for each individual's condition.  At West Side Physiotherapy, we offer expert advice on what brace is best for you.  We have teamed up with Align Technologies to ensure that you are given the best advice and are subsequenlty custom fit with precision.

Why use a custom brace 

Custom bracing is used for a variety of situations.  It can be a very effective tool in managing pain, creating stability around a joint, preventing further injury to joint structures and to improve performance.  Our custom bracing is precisely measured for you and we will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the results.  Wether you are a competitive athlete or someone looking to improve your tolerance to daily activity, custom bracing can often be a key to success.

Typical conditions which benefit from bracing 

Bracing can often help reduce pain with osteoarthritic conditions


Stabilize and help prevent further injury to joints with ligament injuries such as ACL, LCL, MCL, PCL

Leading custom brace brands 

Experienced brace fitters from Align Technologies will discuss the brand of brace that is best for you.  This advice is based on your physical and financial needs.  A wide variety of braces are available.  We offer braces manufactured by Bledsoe, Ossur and Breg.