Work Conditioning

Helping Employees Return to Work Safely 

Used to help restore the physical capabilities of an injured employee, these programs can assist in returning an individual to work at a high functional level. An individualized program is set-up and monitored by a physiotherapist with a progression of hours performed per day combined with worker education over the course of the program. We also feel regular communication with the employer and WSIB or Health Care Insurer, is an important aspect in the worker successfully returning to work.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Using the Matheson FCE Certification 

The Matheson FCE certification course is a proven system for our evaluation of an individual’s capability as it relates to job demands.


Andy Penner (Physiotherapist) has over 15 years of physiotherapy experience in orthopedic care. He completed the Matheson FCE certification course and performs the orthopedic screening assessment and the functional testing for the FCE. Andy has also taken several continuing education courses and is certified in the McKenzie Institute’s program for Spinal Mechanical Therapy.

Industrial Rehab Programs

Covering WSIB claims, Short and Long Term Disability 

Assessment of the job site can help to increase efficiency and prevent injuries as well as allow an injured worker to return to his or her original job. Over the past several years we have met several of the local industry occupational health staff and have been guided through their plants.